How Family Sessions Work

By now you have already stalked my galleries a bit and read the about me section as well as potentially scanned through some blog posts. In other words, you've done your homework. You are curious about how things work with booking an session and how things will unfold from here on out. Lets start by going over how I have been doing things. In 2014 i decided to approach families with a more laid back and casual attitude and ease up on my no online galleries rule. In short, it just doesn't cut it for me. I felt like the one on one relationships I normally develop with you, my clients, got damaged a bit. We didn't connect like we usually do and I didn't bond as firmly with you as I prefer. I apologize for this, as it wasn't the intent. That being said, it means for 2015 I will be immediately heading back to the more intimate feeling and more personable style JMI has become more known for. 

How it Works.

You call or email. I will come back at you for more information about what you are looking for and set up your consult. I sit down with my families beforehand to make sure the kids involved in each session know who I am before hand and have some set of comfort level with me and to establish a relationship that is more than just sticking a camera in your face and telling you to smile. We will talk about details, how to dress and potential locations. The retainer to hold the date is placed same day and contracts are signed so that come shoot day, there is way less stress. 

Shoot day, we all arrive at the session, maybe it is your home for a lifestyle day shoot and I am there at 6am with coffee in hand to jump start our day of floor crawling and normal day to day fun, or maybe you are coming into the studio for some traditional family portraits, whatever it is, we are going to have fun doing it. 

After your session, we head off in our separate directions and within 2 weeks your images are processed and retouched and are ready to view. While an online gallery is oh so convenient, its just not fun and personable. You will come into the studio to see your beautiful images, or If need be, I will come on over to you for your reveal with proof book in hand. We will go through the images, and discuss what options are best for you. Starting in January 2015, canvas collections will be offered, framed wall prints which is my personal preference on wall hangings, and family albums too. I love albums for lifestyle shoots because there are so many options to tell the story of the day throughout the book. As usual with a regular session there are goodies to be had too-but those are top secret! Shhhh. 

After you have picked your favorite images and decided what products work best for you, then place your order. I go back to the studio make any final adjustments and order your products. When they come in, you are free to pick them up at the studio, or I will hand deliver them (unless you are out of state of course-that would be a little insane!) You will sign off on receiving them and you get to enjoy your beautiful products. Each image you purchase from your session will also come in a nifty app to share with your family and friends as well-up to 40. So thats a great new bonus gift that your family will LOVE!