How Do I Get My Wife to Take Boudoir Photos?

This question was searched for last week, and JMI popped up in their search results, (that's how i know it was searched for.) I wished i could reach out to the individual who looked up this question, but since i don't know who it was, this would be the best way to answer that question. 

So, you want your wife to take boudoir photos for you. The easiest way to get her to do such an amazing thing would be to tell her.
Explain to her that you love her the way she is, that you think she looks amazing and would love to own a book or a portrait collection of her in an intimate way. 

cowboy hat boudoir nude jmi.jpg

Go one step further and simply buy her a gift certificate to your favorite Boudoir Studio along with a gift certificate Victoria's Secret or, Bella Bella Boutique or wherever her favorite place to shop for all things sexy is. If you are getting your certificate here, we will go over everything together and after you give her the gift, set up her consultation and discuss the direction and theme potential, along with figuring out how outgoing she thinks she will be plus other intimate details to make sure that your images are unique and special. 

The third option would be to get ballsy and make it a couples shoot! That is right, i will gladly photograph you together in an intimate and classy way, using you as more of a prop and an accent for her while she still gets the full experience she normally would. It is sure to set a fire ablaze between the two of you and give you an unforgettable memory!

When deciding on an experience to choose, decide if you want it to empower her or reconnect you with her, or both! Have something more in mind? Let 's discuss it further. Giving her the gift of boudoir while a gift for you, is a journey of empowerment and rediscovering confidence that you can only know once you have had your session!