Happy Birthday Breanna Grace

at 8:10am Febuary 6th 2012 my daughter was born. She is my moon  and stars, she is the magic I have always needed in my life and she turned 5 today. She loves My Little Ponys and is Obsessed with the Trolls soundtrack and of course, Shopkins. She has a love for princesses and dressing up and climbing, jumping , splashind and loving. SHe has a kind and loving heart and if I learn anything from my children in this world, it is but how to love more intensely than I could ever have imagined. She pushes boundaries and needs cuddles, she sings and dances every day simply because. She puts a smile on my face, even when she doesn't make teh best of choices and always has a hug ready. 

She is 5 today, and I have no more babies in my house. I have a young lady with a heart of gold, and a son who is my sunshine and my lifeline. Together they complete my days and compliment each other in every way. 

Now that the mushy mommy part is sort of done-in my head I have 100 million more things to say about them both, but I'll get to the little session we had for her birthday. 

We went to our friends house and photographed her and her long time bestie, since they were born. It was supposed to be bubbles and best friends, but one was a little more timid than the other,(not by much) and the other was a ham. With the sun in our eyes and alot of silliness...I bring to you, bestie ballerinas and bubbles....sort of. Mostly though, just laughter.