Mom's Are Going to be OK (Tampa Boudoir Photographer)

Being a woman isn't easy. We are emotional crazy human beings. That doesn't make you a bad person. Everyone has days that are far less than stellar. We can't be perfect all the time! Being a Mom no matter if you birthed them, adopted them, or the stork dropped them off; is a life of  titles and unsaid expectations. Expectations that you most likely weren't actually expecting or maybe just weren't aware of how heavily they would be placed on your shoulders and titles you didn't even realize would be yours to bare. 

Wife. Friend. Lover. Girlfriend. Sister. Aunt. Grandmother. Nurse. Fighter. Counselor. Tooth Fairy. Shoulder to cry on. Load Bearer. Maid. Butler. Hostess. Chef. Comedian. Story Teller. Artist. Cheerleader. Sculpture. Monster Conqueror. Shopper. Teacher. Athlete. Bug Squisher. Plumber. Boss. Ballerina. Singer. Designer. Myth Buster. Dream Weaver. Discipline. Hugger. Hand Holder. Path Creator. Kisser of Boo-Boos. Heart Mender. Example. Role Model. Mom. 

We are some of those, all of those and so much more on an every day basis. Not just for our children, for our Partners too and sometimes, you're doing it alone. We forget that the titles we are given overshadow the other words we are. We focus so hard on being the best mom we can be that we forget to realize those titles mean we are also:

Confident. Caring. Nurturing. Helpful. Trustworthy. Reliable. Selfless. Proud. Brave. Skilled. Funny. Enthusiastic. Crafty. Loving. Supportive. STRONG. Leaders. Magical. Guidance. Safety. Mostly though, it means we are NEEDED. 

Being needed is probably the biggest weight we carry. Not letting ourselves figure out the way to let the world know that we need stuff too. We are expected to care and love unconditionally. We don't get sick days, we work through it. We have all the expectations and the weight that doesn't disappear when the clock strikes 5. We don't get to just clock out and "go home" when our shift is done, because when 5 o'clock hits, there is dinner and bath times and story's or songs and bedtimes that proceed. There is not sleeping well because at the drop of a dime you are awake and making sure your kids are safe and sound. There isn't many times you get to pee alone when the kids are young or many minutes to yourself. Even when you get a second to yourself, your mind naturally wonders back to your family and those that NEED you on a constant basis. 

Being a mom has so many weights and stresses and expectations that come with the title, that it can be overwhelming at times. So you screamed at your kids today because after the 100th time of telling him or her not to throw the toy, they threw it and broke something. Every mom has her limits and sometimes, we get pushed to them. Take a breather. It's ok to be imperfect. it's ok to have a bad day and not act as motherly as expected. its ok to leave the dishes in the sink for a night and its certainly ok to put yourself in timeout so you can have a break. It's ok to go to a drive through or order out every once in a while. it's ok to just cry if you have to. IT'S OK TO ASK FOR HELP. it's ok, things are going to be ok. 

When the day has been a rough one. Be it the weight of the bills is increasing and toddler temper tantrums have hit level 10 and you realize you need to go food shopping, you and your partner are to tense to communicate without it turning into something dramatic, after the kids are tucked away safely. Take a break. Not go to the grocery store, that isn't a break, take a walk or a bubble bath. Read a book or craft something. Take up a new hobby or simply take a nap. Reward yourself with a bowl of ice cream and smile to yourself, you did a good job today. It wasn't a perfect day, it may have been a day from hell, but at the end of it all when you look back at it, it really wasn't that bad-it can always be worse. Your children still love you more than anything and you love them more than life itself. Remember that being needed may be an incredible weight at times, but its also the most amazing weight to carry ALL of the time. 

What other titles are you that i didn't list? Sound off in the comments below and i'll add them to the list!