Fun Couple Session in Tampa

Today we head into Tampa and 'play' near the university of Tampa. Meet Kathryn and Sherman. A fun couple that was open to trying crazy things like kissing in the middle of a busy street and piggy back rides. Why do this session you are asking? They must be getting engaged right?! Nope. They just love each other and like to update their photos. I love this. Its a sort of renewal of vows in a sense saying-I still love you as much as  I did the day I asked you to marry me. I still love you as much as last year, and I will always love you. (okay that is my own personal take on this session.) These two were a blast to be around and we got to explore the University of Tampa Museum and the grounds, the streets and relax next to the river for a few moments too. The only thing we couldn't find on a random exploratory trip through the museum was a roof (if you know where one is that we can get to in that area, let me know!) Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than these two. I just adore them! Here are a few of my own personal favorites from our session in Tampa. 

black and white inside Tampa Museam
kathryn sherman web1.png
feet on the edge of tampa river
K and S 2016  (2 of 66) web .png
Kathryn wind in hair
Sherman Near UT