FishHawk Lake House Family Pictures

The annual portrait sale kicked off and among the first families to book their holiday session came from the FishHawk area. We met near the clubhouse and picked some beautiful spots by the lake and pavilion. Such a perfect backdrop for photos I am sure other photographers will be swarming in no time! 

Family A brought along their dogs for the shoot too and of course we had some fun before and after trying to get them to listen to a stranger (that was me.) They were good dogs and so excited to play. I love when families include their 'other' members like this. I think next is a family to bring out kittens to photograph-how cute would that be. puppies and kittens, there isn't much else cuter in the world right? Here are some of our favorites from the session!

family at fish hawk lake house with dogs
Alai Family Portraits19.jpg