February Mini's

Love is in the air this month as Valentine's day sat right in its usual place in the middle. Hearts found their way to the back ground and smiles in the front. The day was going great. I was up at 6am with my own kids, making sure the back drop and everything was still going to work properly and that i had gathered everything. Got the hubby up as they were going to go help clean up the baseball fields next to the park while I Photographed the lovely faces of the day. 

J Morgan Images

In a mad rush to leave I managed to leave a small bag of corner pieces and somehow miscounted my poles so I was short one when I got there. Chanting to myself-it's all good you've got this as i figured a build around what I had, I started to add the strands of hearts only to find upon lifting them, that the wind that was non existent 5 mins prior, was now twisting and tangling every stand together. Needless to say, my first appointment arrived to find me sniffling and looking like a crazy woman struggling with hearts on invisible strings ready to run off screaming. This lovely family, helped me for the next 20 mins to untangle each set of hearts so we could get their images done. They were super sweet, and because of their kindness and patience, I extended an offer of a separate little Photoshoot for just them later this year. 

little girl nirvana shirt

After everything was set and people started arriving, the day went smoothly and my blood pressure dropped back to normal, and I looked less like a crazy woman and more the happy lady I am. My hubs also brought me coffee, so you folks reading this can appreciate what a simple gesture like that can do for a sleepy, going crazy, person! Over all it was a crazy hectic mini morning, but after everything was set up, the kindness of wonderful people, and my brain waking up, it was perfect. Lots of beautiful smiling faces to photograph and lots of laughs. Besides the pure kindness from the first family, some of my favorite moments of the day were the kids who didn't want to smile until i threw leaves at them (and in return they threw them at me,) and the little angel who walked up to me in a Nirvana shirt. That family rocks for sure! 

Enjoy the images from this months mini sessions here and if you want to get in on a free mini with a complimentary digital image from said session-check out the events page and see what month works best for you! You can also find the events on our facebook page (we love visitors so come by and  "like" us to let us know you were there! 

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