DIY Magnetic Back Drop Hanging System

So this week's DIY project comes from an amazing idea and well executed job by my guest poster, Jenny of PhotoJennic Photography (cute name right?!) We are both in a facebook DIY group where i saw her post about her system and just loved the idea so much that i HAD to have her share with the rest of the world! *She shopped at Menards which is her local hardware store-a Home Depot or Lowes should also carry these materials* So Here is her awesome system that works great and a couple of bonus quickie tutorials for you as well!

DIY Magnetic Backdrop Hanging System

6 foot (length wise) 1/8"x3/4" flat steel pieces (they were less than $7 a piece!)

Heavy Duty Screws

Strong Magnets

photojennic diy magnet backdrop

"You will need to pre-drill a hole in each end and one in the middle for hanging.  Once the holes are made, use a level and hang on the wall about an inch or two lower than the length of your backdrop.  For example, for a 5' backdrop, I hung the steel piece approximately 4'11" from the floor. The reason that I did this is so that I can tuck the bottom underneath a vinyl floor if I do not wish to use a baseboard with a particular backdrop."


DIY Paper & Vinyl Backdrop Storage System

This setup is so simple-it makes you go "why didn't i think of that?!" 
Two slotted upright tracks for wire shelving systems, and two brackets for each "shelf" (you will need them to be even for this to work folks-don't forget your level!) In words this might make you say huh? but the pictures say all that need to be said really! 

Quickie Backdrop How To Bonus:

If you are a creative and a big DIYer (which you probably are if you are here right now,) then You are probably curious about that wall of squares. It is SCRAPBOOK paper! Double sided tape 12x12 sheets down in coordinating colors-or if you want a smaller size try the 6x6ers! You can tape them to a wall or use a foam board like Jenny did in the above shots. You can also mod podge them-but beware of bubbling and ripples! Share your results below, i would love to be inspired by what you all make-and so would the rest of the readers! And by all means-pin and share the ideas here with your friends!


About our Feature DIYer Jenny 

This is Jenny. 

Jenny started her photography journey back in 2006. She used natural light and photographed everything and anything that came her way. Over the years she has found her self in a rockin' 30x40 studio that she got to make all her own and call home for PhotoJennic. After moving into the space her natural creative came out to play and she came up with her backdrop storage system and magnetic backdrop hanging system-which works fantastically! Jenny is always on the look out for great finds and easy DIY projects to pursue. Next on her list you ask? She plans on decoupaging some old crates to give them a fresh new look!