DIY Tissue Paper Back Ground (Beginner Photographer Back Drop Ideas)

Since the DIY posts tend to be the majority favorite over here on the blog i figured i'd go ahead and give you another! This is super ridiculously easy. Seriously. You won't even have to take notes. 

Tissue paper and tape are all you need. 

I told you it was easy!

Ready? Take out the tissue paper carefully so as not to rip it...then....tape it to the wall! It is so easy it is amazing i didn't think to do this before. and the icing on the cake here? it's CHEAP and in some cases FREE! (If you already have some fun tissue paper laying around.) i got this tissue paper for .97. yes. ninety seven cents. I had to see how well it did being photographed obviously, (and wanted to play with my ring light a the results are right below-with the most beautiful models in the world.


Please feel free to share with your friends who may LOVE this simple and easy background-and share what you do  underneath!