DIY Indoor Garden Photo BackDrop

I came up with this idea/concept while in walmart one night as i waded through the fabrics and crafts section. I saw this bag of Spanish Moss, and was drawn to it by the textures and shapes and decided i needed to do something with it. I had some maternity sessions coming up and thought, nature-babies are natural-mother nature....and soon the ideas were flowing. 

I wanted to use this with a blond woman, and the first attempt at a flowery concept didn't go as i hoped. It struck me 20 mins before my next session walked in my door-how i would handle the moss. I would glue it. BOOM. (glue is pretty much the solution for everything if there is no duct tape, right!) 

So here i am grabbing my big tub of modge podge and butcher paper (which is AMAZING for everything from crafts for the kids to packaging to backdrop creations!!) Yes follow the link for some awesome cheap butcher paper that i love. And 4 bags of moss. 

The Moss Process, (very advanced technique used here-and i totally say that with sarcasm.) 

  1. Lay out Butcher paper on the floor.
  2. smear modge podge all over it-i recommend going by sections so as none dries up. 
  3. start ripping apart the moss and laying it out all over the mode podged areas. (feel free to add a little more modge over it to secure it.
  4. wait 10 minutes for it to dry. (or take a chance and hang it faster-ya know, whatever floats your boat.) 

For the Flowers hanging-(again, very advanced stuff.) You will ned the flowers you want to hang, clear fishing string, tape and push pins. 

  1. Take the part you are using and tie clear fishing string-or what i use for everything-clear jewelry string.-it has a little stretch to it as well. 
  2. staggering the flowers at different heights place a piece of tape in the string then place it on your ceiling. oh no! did it fall right down? Don't worry-the pushpin is to the rescue!  Push the push pin through the tape close to the string and it won't fall down anymore. 

Yeah the flowers were easy huh-but a little bit of an arm work out!



If You Found this useful or have a friend who would, Please feel free to share it with them! Thanks fr hanging out with me!