DIY Beaded Chandelier | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

As a Boudoir Photographer, I am always looking to add fun and fresh things to the studio to change it up a bit. While clients probably wouldn't know if i had a new piece or not....mentally i am convinced they do. Call me crazy if you must-it's okay, i feel pretty crazy some days! 

In the spirit of expressing my creativeness and improving things and even upcycling a planter basket i discovered (on Pinterest of course,) lots of tutorials for DIY chandelier projects. I already have half the stuff i need for the next chandelier project. I had to search around for a properly linked one but here is the link i followed. They did some craziness with tying each strand or something. i pretty much looked at the pictures and made my own version. Basically the same thign i do with every set of directions you can give me.  

SUpplies i used:  

Black spray paint, Mardi Gras beads, some metal wire stuff i had from a butterfly chandelier i made in my daughters room....clearly i am obsessed and in denial. I used 75 strands total (so 10 packages of them from the dollar store,) hot glue gun and hot glue.  

Hopefully you are a visual learner and can see the pictures above. i took the planter i had left over from the plants i killed last year. Secret *i do not have a green thumb* i sat in front of the TV and started from teh bottom since that was the widest part. Hot glued strand up the metal that was already there and then just glue at where the beads touched the metal. The wire i put around and through the top to create something more reliable to drape all the beads on/over. I am just letting them dangle inside..if i stop being lazy i may trim them one night. At the end i decided to add that circle thing at teh bottom...i am not sure it was the best add on, and i had to hot glue it again after i took this (obviously,) but i think it came out pretty cool.  

Tips: spray paint after. spraying prior is a pain in the ass. Also, Don't touch the tip of the hot glue hurts. you will lose that battle. I may or may not have done that multiple times. You can avoid touching the scolding flesh searing tip of said glue gun by not watching TV while using it. 

If you enjoyed this or have links to how you did yours i would love to see. Let me know below!