Date Night Ideas and What to Wear

Yes this is a family blog these days, and guess what, families need fashion help too! Especially us moms when we have an event or a date with our love coming up! So Fashion fridays are now happening. Most of the time it will be family friendly fashion finds and "how to" type of fashions, but this week, the week before Valentine's day, we need to get planning on what we are wearing next week! Granted We all know we will have the perfect outfit planned up until 5 minutes before leaving in which case we will try on 5 more outfits and pick the opposite of whatever your love suggests soo, with that in mind....

Its February and you know you have at least one date night ahead of you. Ok so maybe you don't if you are one of the people who think it is a silly holiday. I say any day or night i get some alone time with my love-is a worthy holiday! A reason to celebrate even. I LOVE dressing up. After almost 10 years with my hubs, a date night is like a first date. I do my hair and make up, sometime i buy a new dress because I pretty much always have to wear a dress-mostly due to having gorgeous heels to rock and because my inner girly girl is dying to be let out! So as it approaches, the wonderful day of Valentines. Candies, chocolates and flowers...what are you going to be wearing? Certainly not your normal yoga pants and a tee shirt...wait that's my normal...uhhh...anyway! I have to figure out what to wear-and so do you! Guess what, I'm here to help you!  Here are some suggestions to fit your body on your dressy date night out (or in if you want.) 

We must start the date night series with the ever classic, never wrong, little black dress.  A strapless dress is great for showing off those gorgeous accessories and paired with those strappy heels to get your love all sorts of excited and keep you standing tall all night. I suggest this dress and shoes pair int eh warmer climates like here in Florida. 

For those of you who are you know...freezing your butts off for Valentine's Day, first I am sorry. Burrr. Second, If you aren't snowed in and able to get out on a date, Be brave and show off some leg. Keep those toes covered with one of the hottest shoe trends, the mini boots, and keep warm with long sleeves. You don't need a necklace here as this dress has a higher neckline.

As far as your jewelry goes, I am a matchy matchy kind of person when it comes to this stuff, so the way certain things flow has to match with the rest of it. the strappy shoes, match the curves in the ring and it flows into the chunky bracelet. The bracelet now became a harder and more pointed curve with some great angles and so the necklace was kept simple and literally to the point, while the earrings, brought in a touch from all of them. Again you have the sleek back with the gold accents and edgy letters to tie it all together. 

The long sleeve LBD is mean for slimming the figure and just a beautiful and simple look. Pairing silver and black together always a classic in my eyes. While a silver pendant would be fine here, I like it with out the distraction of it dangling there. Wear with your hair pulled back or half up half down to show off the gorgeous earrings and and enjoy your night out!  

*I hope I am not the only crazy one who analyzes their accessories like this, please let me know I am not alone in the comments below, and share how you organize and think out your outfits!