Lady Carmen Curves & Curls {Boudoir Photography}

This woman is smoking hot! A lot of the time women come in and do a shoot for their significant other as a gift and way to spice things up. They don't come in with the realization that it's also a gift for themselves as well. Carmen did though. 

After the finalization of her divorce after a very long time, only days prior, she was in need of some self love and appreciation. Cue J Morgan Images.

Carmen and i went shopping before the shoot together to ensure she had great outfits to shoot in. That proved to be super fun! Her nerves showed a bit once we got to the studio and sat her in the makeup chair. As she sipped on some White Zinfindel and shared stories with us, she began to relax and simply shine. The body suit she wore is something i am completely in love with! O.M.G. Her curves are amazing and damn that hair! whew. 

Here is what Carmen had to say about her experience.  

"I'm a mother of 3, recently divorced and haven't felt lik myself for a very long time. I was nervous about posing and getting in front of a camera after so many years since being a model in my younger days, but my inhibitions just melted away during the shoot. Your energy behind the lens really helped with the flow. It was cozy fun and inspiring. I do not like makeup but Stephanie eased me into feeling glamorous and it worked. You make a GREAT team! The reveal of the images made me feel empowered, sexy and reconnected to 'myself' again. As i captured my curves and my curls. It was an unforgettable experience Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and make sure to keep that vibe every step of the way. THANK YOU JESSICA." 

That my friends, makes my heart swell and ridiculously happy to read! Carmen, thank you for the very kind words and the sincerity. I am so happy you love your pictures, and i can not wait to see our favorite in big canvas form!