Photoshop Friday | Katie Doll part 2

I got lots of requests when i posted the sketch to the final image of this, and thought why not turn it into a blog for you inquiring minds. This image is once again a composite and fun with the liquefy tool mainly.  

Catherine Ann of CatherineAnnPhotography 

When we started this shoot, i had a completely different direction in mind...then i started editing and my mind and creativity brought me here. The sketch image was right out of lightroom, and kind of a place marker as to where my mind was going with the process. In lightroom, i adjusted the exposure and opened it in ps for a real quick, take the umbrella out of the shot. i brought the exposure way down with the brush tool on her eyes and exported. In PS (photoshop in case you were wondering,) is where the majority of any magic i do happens. Desaturated her skin some and started out with liquefy heavily on her waist. I wrapped her in tulle about 50 times so  you can imagine what that does to a girls waist! I brought the image back into liquefy later because i wanted to give her arms the creepy overly skinny and long feel. Her hair was the most involved part of the entire process, and was 7-8 layers of hair i pulled from another image. placed in the general direction and/or flipped to be where i wanted, then masked off and blended together. You will notice i also extended the canvas on the final image and brought her dress down further. Her eyes were simply done in a separate layer and not so carefully covered over with a soft brush-in black. My black and white conversions always tend to lean towards whiter whites and blacker blacks. I custom b+w every b+w image i do. Typically bumping the yellows and oranges and a bit of the reds up to be lighter while bringing blues down a bit. of course it always depends on the colors they are wearing etc, but that is my general method. 

My ways may be different from yours, they may be "right" they may be "wrong" and that is ok. Get the results you want, by doing what works for you. Hope you can find inspiration in this, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!