Be more Confident in General {Tampa Boudoir Photography}

Stop. Step away from the mirror. Step off of the scale. Breathe. 

You are perfect just the way you are.

 We as women face the world and it's preconceived notions of what it is to be beautiful from the moment we are born. "Beauty" is what graces the cover of magazines and is thrown in your face as a child with Barbie and Bratz Dolls. You are never going to attain that "ideal." Stop trying. We aren't meant to, we are Real Women. As a photographer, I can let you in on something, just about everything you see being shoved down your throat as "perfect," "ideal," "flawless," is photoshopped and enhanced. As a women making my way back up the confidence ladder, I can tell you, love yourself now. Accept yourself for what you have, who you are and stop trying to be something you are not. If you were meant to be a child's size 14, you would have stopped growing at that point. Instead, you are a woman, you have curves, and they are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with being a curvy gal, there is nothing wrong with being a petite gal, we are all beautiful. 

You can step in front of the mirror again.

Here is a simple exercise for gaining confidence. If you are going to look in the mirror, do it with love. What are your favorite features? Remind yourself that you may not be perfect (NO ONE IS!) and that is a-OK because your (eyes, lips, hips, butt, boobs, feet etc) are AMAZING. Don't let anyone tell you different. Every time you are having a less beautiful moment, Look in the mirror. Deep into your own eyes-and repeat: "I celebrate myself and sing myself!" If you're not a Whitman fan, simply state something along the lines of "I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am powerful, I can take on the world, and I will!"  Now repeat it over and over. Every time you see your reflection, tell yourself how hot you are. Passing by a shop window and catch a glimpse of yourself? "damn i  look good." or "I'm so fine I'd do myself." yeah that's right, you are THAT hot! Try it, you will laugh and giggle at yourself all day for thinking these things, and not only will it keep a smile on your face, which truly is your best feature, you will exude confidence like you haven't before, and people will notice! If anyone asks why you keep smiling, simply reply, "I'm just thinking of something beautiful."

Now, don't you feel a bit  better? Be proud to be a real woman. Be proud of your imperfections and stand taller knowing that you don't need photoshop to really be beautiful. If you believe it, so will everyone else