10 {CHEAP} Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Every year at Christmas time, i find myself buying a plethora of unwanted (by me,) toys to over spoil my children with, the problem is, they are almost always too big to make into stocking stuffers...always a last min run to the store for whatever crosses my path that i can shove into those darn things...oh and don't forget the candy. This year, i refuse to spend $3-$5 on stupid stocking stuffer things simply because they will fit. Maybe it's just me who falls into this trap, but i would like to think i am not alone here. Here is my go to list this year for my kids (2-5 years old.) Oh and for the record, i am Dollar store bound for this stuff! Take that overpriced mini toys that my dog will eat! 

1. Coloring books and Workbooks-why i haven't thought of this one in the past is beyond me! if you need more, crayons work great too.

2. Army dudes and Action Figures

3. Dinosaurs and all those creepy crawly bug packets. My son thinks they are awesome

4. Watercolor paints and paint brushes-or save the dollar on the paint brush and let the kids go at it like finger painting. 

5.  Dress up Accessories-think gloves, bracelets and necklaces and even boas, plastic make-up and tiaras to top it off.

6. Barbie clothes and Accessories (yes my 2 ear old daughter already has barbies-and i will not openly admit that i may or may not play with them too. 

7. Matchbox Cars and Trucks-they fit and well, dollar store versions aren't that reliable, they are fun while they last! 

8. Flash cards-because it shouldn't be all fun and games right, i mean, we aren't reindeer or anything. 

9.  Stickers-because they are always fun. (Especially when going for a check up at the real doctor after you have been kindly decorated by your children and forgetting that some are hidden beneath your shirt on your back. Yes, that happened last week, and yes my doctor got a really good laugh at that. 

10. Candy-from Halloween! yeah that's right, i am not going and spending extra money on special Christmas wrapped candies, when i have a TON of Halloween crap left.  


What is on your stocking stuffer list? Sound off in the Comments below! I need ideas for next year!