Brooksville Family Photos

A lot of the families I photograph are local, but sometimes I get lucky and travel to new(to us) places like when I got the opportunity to go to Brooksville and Photograph the Pitt family. No, not Brad and Angie's family, sheesh, though hey, I am totally up for the job if he needs a photographer. *nudge nudge*  Though the enthusiasum wasn't at an all time high, anything to make mom/grandma happy right? RIGHT! And Grandma was definitely happy with them, so that is what matters. 
I got out there a bit early and scouted ahead then hoped the light wouldn't change too much by the time we got to the spot by the ponds I had picked out. We were in luck and after we got everyone over there, we were able to get the majority of images shot in the one section before the light started shifting on us. We tried to go as fast as possible to make sure Grandma got the images she wanted and that everyone didn't get grumpy (see what I did there Lea Anne?) All in all, I enjoyed this family and the beautiful scenery a bunch, they are really a silly a bunch!