A Maine Wedding at Hardy Farms

There aren't many in the photography industry that can say their clients flew them across the country to photograph a wedding. Even less that can say it was their best friend of their childhood. I now can, and I mean that with as little ego as one can think possible; just honor, love and a thankful heart. With honor and a HUGE smile on my face and so much love in the soul, I was blessed to photograph my kindergarten and her now husband's wedding in Maine. 

Brittney and Neal are an amazing couple whose love simply makes you smile. Funny, quirky and loving, are only a few words to describe them. They are surrounded by a fantastic group of friends that I was able to get to know over the course of 3.5 days. The sheer talent among them is almost intimidating, and it really made for an amazing event for bride and groom. 

Hardy Farms was a really cool little...okay really big venue with great "vintage" details that screamed "love me" at you in every nook at cranny. My especially favorite room was what we dubbed the "Narnia Room" because it was a cozier bedroom off of another bedroom. the whole place was rustic and victorian and welcoming. I wish I had walked around and grabbed shots of every room while I was there. One day I'll just have to go back. 

What made this wedding SO very unique besides what I said before, was the fact that they rented a house around the block for the entire wedding party and stayed the weekend. A testament to the love the group has for each other. It was absolutely amazing and I recommend ANY bride and groom to be to do something similar. It gave me as the photographer, ample time to get to know everyone involved, including remembering names instead of shouting "hey you" at people. Connections were made and made the banter sincere and the entire environment for all involved, comfortable. That leads to better pictures by the way! 

Dear Brittney and Neal,
I absolutely love you guys. You are an amazing couple that deserves all the happiness you can get. Thank you so much for including me in your celebration of friendship, love, and marriage. So glad it wasn't an awkward thing after so many years. May your future be full of laughter, life and many uses of the Dino costumes!! I will truly miss you like I miss family all the way down here in Florida, and know our paths will cross many times over as life continues on. Please Enjoy your gallery images and keep on loving. 

With so much love and gratitude, 

Without further ado....enjoy your images. *insert infinite hearts here*