Being Thankful

Its only fair, being the month of Thanksgiving, one of my personal favorite holidays, that we take a  moment to say what we are thankful for. I could say all the obvious things like my kids and hubby and home, which of course i am extremely thankful to have them all. I could be all sorts of witty/sarcastic and talk about technology and my favorite TV shows to distract me when i need it most, but I won't say that right here...well I guess I did, but you know what i mean. 

I have put a bunch of thought into this, as I do every year. It makes sense for me to be grateful for this one particular thing most of all. Time. Yes i really just got all serious on you. I am so very grateful for time, the moments of every day i get to spend with my children and hubby and the moments i get to enjoy living. Even the moments that aren't my favorite. Why? you ask, because it means i am alive. I am here, dancing, playing, photographing and dreaming. I have time to see the world change and life take place. I have time to thank for allowing me to cross paths with some amazing people and moments that i get to remember and cherish forever. I am featuring a few moments here, some of my favorites images involving my favorites to spend time with. The holders of my heart whom I spend the majority of my time with. My kids. 

tree hugging boy j morgan images.jpg
bike riding j morgan images.jpg