Maternity Monday with Ms Markie

Ok, so every Monday isn't going to be a maternity Monday, but this week is! I have pt out a call in the "Model Call" section for maternity models. Markie found me via google and we set this session up. I am pretty sure she thought i was nuts once she got here but the end result she loved, so it worked. You will see what i am talking about shortly. One image her husband said looked like it should be in a magazine-he didn't know it then, but that made me very happy on the inside. insert *cheesy grin* 

Markie is not only a mom and mom to be, but the owner of the awesome hair salon,  Salon Agape in Palm Harbor Florida. She was super easy to talk to and it was a really great session overall. I had her throwing fabric, (biggest reason she thought i was a nut job, HA,) and the end result of some sunlight and fabric throwing lace curtains and more can be seen below. Thank you for being my model Markie, you are a beautiful pregnant woman who really rocked your bump! I can not wait to see your sweet little munchkin. 

And for the 'omg this chick is nuts, what am i doing?" image....


I am still offering a few limited availability sessions for free-you simply pay for the hair and makeup. While the sessions include beautiful 'more normal' imagery, they are based around interesting concepts, so i am looking for certain features in my  future models. Thank you so much for stopping by once again, and welcome if you are newer. Please feel free to share with your friends and family, or pin your favorite images for inspiration.

Have an idea for a maternity concept? Send it my way either in the comments below or in a message and if i end up using t, i will give you a shout out when the session gets blogged!