Balancing Act of a Business Mom and Organizing

On a constant basis i find myself entrenched in a massive game of tug of war-between my life and my life. Sounds weird? It's because on any given day i am a number of titles, of expectations and deadlines, just like you. I am doing a juggling act and sometimes i fail miserably at keeping everything going and drop the ball.  I am learning to accept that and change what i can to keep my sanity. 

I get asked a lot, "how do you balance everything?" My short answer is this: I Don't. I wake up with no motivation some days because all i want to do is sleep after a night that i was required to be up for more than half of it with children who thought it was play time or they were sick or maybe i was simply restless-it happens often. There are days where i have tons of energy and just haven't a clue as what i should do so i flutter from one half started project to another essentially accomplishing nothing but dishes for the day. There are days where all of the sudden i get everything done and then some too.

Some days i am super mom and put everything else aside, other days i feel like i am super bad mom and let the kids veg and watch tv all day while i bust ass to get work things done. Some days i am good mom, good wife, bad business woman. That is balance for me. It's a combination of letting some things slide, and picking up the slack other days. 

In my journey to find balance, i am relying on my organizational skills to help me through-which means i could be in big trouble-so i will need some assistance. As i start planning out my soon to be new schedule-which my husband will love that i get done-i am also going to go through my workflow and will post some helpful tips right beneath here for you...and me to keep track of easier! 

To find balance i believe you have to be organized. I am pretty sure balance is right next to the car keys i lost...again. 

Organizing Help for The Super Business Mom

Finding balance through getting Organized! (and doing it for Free)

StudioCoud for desktop (with online capability,) studio organizing aka business management software. i just recently found out and downloaded this myself and it has already helped significantly:  It's for quite literally organizing your clients and transactions and it's really a fantastic FREE tool. Yes, Free-of course there are upgrade able options like everything in the world to better enhance your experience, but the basic tools are amazing and will totally help you organize. Just take some time to really go through the functions

Life Organization from Simple Dimples This site (and tons of downloadables,) is a fantastic way to organize your whole life that isn't business! just look at what this person did for you at Dimplicity-and is just letting us have it for free. Create a drop zone, plan your meals, budgets, emergency contacts, meal planning, umm ya know, everything you didn't even think about organizing to make things simpler for yourself. It's pretty awesome. 


If you have some great free or cheap organizing help for small businesses, comment below so i can update my list!