Bahama Mama from Tampa

As any follower on facebook may (or may not thanks to fb's algorithms,) know, JMI headed to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago for a girls weekend getaway and some relaxation! I of course had to take some pictures. We sailed on the Carnival Glory *fun* Ship, and it was indeed that. 

My luck isn't the best, and even though there were some hiccups throughout, like some guys going missing and having the entire 3000 people on board woken early and put in lockdown until the gentleman was found, or the hang over i got from a single drink, it was still an awesome trip! And yes Mr. Goldfinger and whomever he was with was found safe and sound, and the day was started early and was still great.

It was my first cruise, and i had a list of everything i wanted to do, but i didn't get to do it all...i have become an old fart and didn't even realize. I did manage to stay up way past my 11pm bedtime....ok, so 12-1am isn't that much later, but lemme tell you, i sure was/am tuckered!  

We ate Nachos and drank at Senor Frogs-that place was a riot. I can't get over the beautiful clear blue water over there. Next time i am swimming in it-even if i have to jump off the dock to get in. Ha. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but it was gorgeous. The straw market was intriguing, but after you see the first few shops, they all have the same things basically-and it is super tight and very warm inside-and those (most ladies,) are extreme sellers. You do not take more than 2 steps at a time without someone trying to coerce you in their direction. Wouldn't recommend that place for anyone claustrophobic.  On the out lying perimeters there were some really awesome wood carvers and really interesting pieces. My friend found a hummingbird sculpture that reminded her of her mother and brought her to tears. She hadn't even wanted to go there that day, and clearly, it was meant to be. While my other friend stopped to get her children souvenirs, i was approached by someone from the alleyway trying to sell me designer bags. Of course she had no designer bag in her hand and she wanted me to go into the alley with her near the man lurking by the phone. I kindly declined of course-i don't walk places, especially alley ways, with strangers. It's in my rule book-and should be in yours! 

In general, the shops are all pretty cool, very high end feeling, but also very "Americanized," If that makes sense. It didn't feel like i expected. There was a burger king and starbucks among many other regular restaurants right there as you walk around, i guess i expected more 'non-typical' stuff, but if i had thought about it harder, i would have realized that it is a huge tourist spot and of course all the big name fast food places would have to have their hand print there, "easy money." right.  

One of the best parts of the trip was Dinner. If you know me, you know i love food. The first night i ordered 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 2 desserts.. Yes. I am a fat ass. one of the dishes didn't work out so well, but i had 2 others to eat...and i did. The tilapia was really great and the hot chocolate molten dessert things was an orgasm in your mouth. OMG it was amazing. Creme Brulee was really very good as well. Our dinner table had all 7 of us plus 2 more gentleman that were not intimidated by our numbers at all, and became great company. If you need personal shopper in Miami, let me know! 

The best part of the entire trip, was sitting on the serenity deck, when noises from the day calmed down, and the masses went off and did whatever, and i got to look out into the blackness, literally, of the night. A moment of zen. I understand why my dad's "end goal," is to retire in a little bungalow by the sea so he could wake up and fish every day for the rest of his life. The ocean is the most calming thing i have ever experienced. Truley beautiful.

So are you ready for some pictures? Oh, alright.