Another Year Starts Now

First and foremost I must say, 2015 was a ride. I discovered a lot of things about life and people and myself. I found an amazing joy in helping people using my talent as a photographer. I began acknowledging the writer within myself that after college i kind of forgot in the back of the closet of my mind. I began writing again, and took on the challenge of writing my first draft of a book in 6 months.  I failed at finishing, but I am okay with that for the moment, and will finish it within the next couple of months for sure. I am already started with another book as well-because once get those thoughts moving, stopping ins't an option. 

2015 took me to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But I also found myself once again in Nashville and for the first time, in Mexico! I got to mentor two beautiful souls and helped one realize what she REALLY wanted to be doing, instead of what she thought she wanted-(she was amazing at it mind you-but you need to follow your heart) which is absolutely amazing. I got to meet lots of new families and put smiles in their hearts and pictures on their walls. I became an Aunt 3 times this year and got to be humbled by stories from clients and friends and it was amazing.

In my home life I was thrown for a loop as I recalled how little my children seemed to be when this year started and how as it ends today (with stitches for my oldest by the way,) how big they actually are. I sat on the beach and watched them make friends and play on their own today and it blew me away how at just 7 and 3, my little monsters (yes I say that with lots of love) are so very independent and strong. They are beautiful and I felt a bit lost for a bit watching them need me less-almost heart breaking, but not really because I want them to be strong like that. I want them to be able to run the world and They can't do that if they never grow right. My life has revolved around my kids so much so that now that they really can and do, do things on their own I am finding myself again. I suppose that search never stops as we are constantly evolving as people...

So 2016. As I evolve and become more myself again I am going to write more, and still drink a little more water than last year. I am going to look to tell more peoples stories-not just the good ones-and bring smiles into peoples hearts and on their faces more. In 2016 I am going to thrive and build a business around gratitude and giving back. I am going to work hard towards my goals in life and business and will be making sure to take you along on the journey with me. Are you ready?

In light of giving back, each month I will be doing FREE-yes completely free no strings attached-mini sessions in the local parks and places around Tampa. You can find the list under the events tab here on the website or on facebook at this link. Each mini session gets a free digital image to choose from an online gallery. Simple and easy. 

I am also starting to send out special announcements and promotions in the form of emails so if you would like to be on my personal email list join here, on the welcome page! Seriously, no spam. Just 1 email a month. I look forward to rocking out 2016 with you all and seeing where my journey leads! 

Some favorite moments from 2016...