Announcement "Who We Aren't"

I am guessing you clicked this because you are wondering, what in hell am i talking about- "who we aren't"...what in the... well let me tell you.

I am so very excited to let you all know, that my piece, "Aging Long Neck," that i created last year in the beginning of my journey into the world of composites and self exploration in a new direction for me, has been accepted to the "Who we Aren't," Union Street Art Gallery in Chicago! I am so very proud to be in my first exhibit and could barely contain the excitement for the 3 days since i found out.  I told some strangers and a few people here and there, but as this was one of my goals i set out last year for myself, i am still in disbelief that one of my goals/dreams/hopes is coming to fruition. 

Want to see the piece in person? Opening night is February 28th from 6-9pm and will remain at the gallery through March 29th. While i won't be able to be there in person, at least for opening night, if you can make it there, i would absolutely love it if you could take a picture for me and tag me/my page or simply email it to me so i can see what it really looks like adorning the walls in such a  great place! 

So you are probably like, what picture is she talking about..? Here, this one:

self project jessica edler aging.png

The fact that they selected this image is quite literally amazing to me, as it was an image i created right in the beginning of rediscovering my creative playful side. The side that as a professional photographer and business owner, you forget to acknowledge. It is so very important to not let the business side of it kill the love of what drew you into it in the beginning. Step out for your comfort zone as often as possible and try new things. Make goals-and go for them. 

My next goal is to get into a local exhibit so i can be there, and hopefully in a New York gallery in the future. Eventually having my own entire exhibit a really cool gallery.