The Adore Girls First Workshop (NSFW)

marque (1 of 1) web jessica edler boudoir.jpg

Back in June I headed out to Nashville Tennessee to hang out with a girlfriend of mine, Jamie, who owns and runs The Adore Girls, along with her sister, Lindsey. They were holding their first photographers workshop using one of her actual clients as the model and I got to play the role or support and even got in FRONT of the camera for the ladies as a second model for them. The workshop was a ton of fun, and I loved meeting all the ladies that came out. One of my favorite things is meeting other photographers and sharing experiences and shooting together to see what we come up with. Its the sense of community I think. Being a business owner, especially in the photo world, it can be very lonely!  Below you will see some images from the workshop and all the fun we had with The Adore Girls. If you are local to them, they are the go to boudoir/glamour/pin up photographers over there-seriously. They rock my socks-and they will rock yours too! 

A few quick behind the scenes of the Adore Girls Workshop below...

sexy bodysuit black chair

"Last Stand" (below) was created to set myself apart from everyone else. I brought Marque, our model, into a world, that certainly wasn't present during the workshop, i brought her into my world. I saw the pose and immediately saw pillars which progressed into a single pillar of hope. This is one of my favorites to date. 

Last Stand jessica edler
snow angels bare breast

"Snow Angels" (the image above,) was created as a remembrance piece for our model referencing the little feet on her rib cage. 

beautiful head shot-implied nude

Everyone needs a great head shot right? Even though she would have tons of images to choose from for being the model, and i know she has a rocking head shot from The Adore Girls, i clearly had to take one too. Aren't her eyes amazing! whew! 

Now comes, the collection of images I have seen pop up from the girls, of me in front of the camera. Thats right, I stripped down a little bit and let the girls have their way with me, I have already given them all permission to share the images, so with their permission, I share their images of me.