DIY Magnetic Back Drop Hanging System

We are both in a facebook DIY group where i saw her post about her system and just loved the idea so much that i HAD to have her share with the rest of the world! *She shopped at Menards which is her local hardware store-a Home Depot or Lowes should also carry these materials* So Here is her awesome system that works great and a couple of bonus quickie tutorials for you as well!

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DIY: White Light and Sheers Background

Why yes, it is as easy as it sounds. This do it yourself project may take you 10 mins to set up and cost you anywhere from nothing to $20. 

Things i used:

white lights from big lots. 2 boxes @ $6 each

Sheers from Ikea: they come in pairs for $5 a set. I have a ton of them, but you can use 2 sets and be good to go, (even 1 set if you must)

I already had a wire hanging thing from Ikea BUT you can totally use those clear push pin things if you have to! I'm not judging-i use them ALL the time for stuff-i even hang pictures with them. 

I hung the sheers first, then un winded the lights so they would be all twisted. Followed by draping them almost to floor and back up again stretching them out a bit as i went. plugged it in and well...i was done. 

DIY lighted backdrop-for anyone, not just 'pros'

You check out a sample of a family portrait session using this same background setup as i have here...HERE. 

Super Simple. Try it with colored lights, and add a baseboard to make it look like an actual wall if you want. i used the sheers as a sort of "snow" as well because hey, here in florida, we happen to lack that cold white stuff!!

DIY Bonus Idea: You may see the kids blowing something "snow like" that is bean bag filler! Just make sure you aren't using it around babies or kids who will try to eat it-that stuff is toxic. 

I would love to see what you come up with, share with me your links to what you come up with in the comments below! 

DIY Beaded Chandelier | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Tips: spray paint after. spraying prior is a pain in the ass. Also, Don't touch the tip of the hot glue hurts. you will lose that battle. I may or may not have done that multiple times. You can avoid touching the scolding flesh searing tip of said glue gun by not watching TV while using it. 

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