Real Women | Tampa Glamour Photographer

You don’t need to look like a model, you don’t need to have a symmetrical face, nor be a size nothing. You just have to accept yourself, the way you are, and if you do-so will those around you. 

I am a photographer. I specialize in intimate portraits for real women, i want to photograph the real women of the world, is that you?

What is a “real” woman? 

A woman who has had heart breaks and found love, a not so perfect body but can live with that. A real woman isn’t perfect and may have more curves or wrinkles or sags more than she would like, but still strives to find a happy medium for herself. A real woman is a woman who may have lost herself due to children and family or a job and putting everyone and everything first and needs some time to reconnect herself with who she is, who she was, and who she wants to be... She may be a woman who just realized she is better off on her own and wants to do something different and significant to state that and to redefine herself. A real woman has opinions and a voice and deserves the chance to stand out and be proud of everything she has done and will do, and most importantly, accept herself.

Why i am a real woman...

I used to write poetry, workout more and party like a rock star. I used to have moments to myself where simply the sun on my face could ignite my soul ablaze with passion for whatever I was dreaming. I would run barefoot through the grass and live in the moment; I was young and a fool more than once.  Then real love happened upon me.

Now I am a mom of 2, a wife, a housekeeper, a short order cook and an excellent story teller. I am 2 years before the “dreaded” 3-0, and have grey hairs that seem to be multiply faster than bunnies in heat, oh, and my boobs aren’t near as happy as they once were. I didn’t bounce right back after having my 2nd child like I did with my first and I crave junk food more now than ever. I am a real woman who loves her life and is relearning to love herself and my new, more mature beauty with each day. 

I am a real woman.