Make Your Session Unique | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Making your session unique-super special and different from the rest is actually quite simple. 

Start by making your appt and securing the date and time. Next start thinking about what your favorite parts of your body are and what your partners favorite parts are.  Practice posing and picking out your outfits. That's easy enough right. well generally that isn't going to set you apart from "the rest." You need something more, and it simply comes down to a few things. location. props. you.

Location: The studio setting is always fun, but did you consider renting a hotel room for the session? What about going outdoors...*gasp* i know i know, crazy right! Out doors can add an extra element of excitement to your shoot, and it is pleasantly unexpected change from the norm. Beaches, woods, urban settings...if you love the place, most likely we will be able to rock it. You may not be able to get full on naked at some places but that's what imagination is for right ;)

Props: This is my favorite way to change things up in a session. You may not be ready for an outdoor session yet, that's ok, bring things that have meaning and tell a story. Are you into 50 shades of grey? bring all the kinky stuff you want and we will rock that theme throughout the session, incorporating the 'play things,' into the images will keep your partner coming back for more! Like horses? bring on with you, (just kidding,) bring some stirrups or riding boots and get shot in only those! If your partner or you have a certain fetish, like shoe fetishes or foot fetishes, yeah we can handle that. Bring a favorite jersey or helmet for the sports fanatic love, or a white tee and black panties for some playful fantasy type of fun. My favorite element to change up are masks! they add mystery and fun to every session. Have a favorite CD that makes you feel sexy bring it! 

Other prop ideas: belts, Halloween costumes, tie, garter belt, musical instrument, blindfold, beads, feathers, boas, lace, tulle, random household items used creatively can be great props too. The options are limitless really!

You: You make your own session unique. Your body, your personality, your moment.  Bring your confidence with your A game to get the most out of your session. Make sure you have shaven or waxed all the area you normally would a day or 2 in advance and that you are nice and fresh for the day. Get excited. Those nerves and bit of anxiousness you have, let them stay, those feelings are normal and lend to the fun of the shoot. 

Ready? Then strip down and lets have some fun!

If you have other ideas of what to include or incorporate into a session, sound of fin the comments below!