Making Statements | Tampa Boudoir Photography

We all make statements, everywhere we go, with every word we speak with each action we perform. With a business There is also a business statement, words or a promise to anyone who reads it what the business is about and the goals...

Recently i learned about a website for photographers, of any level really, called Project 52 its run by Don Giannatti, (quite the brilliant man in my book might i add.)  Hes fantastic with light, photography and teaching in general and has wonderful ideas about 'formal' education and such hopes for the change towards the betterment of it. 

The site is a series of assignments, one a week-hence the 52 part-geared towards helping the participant in improving their skills and photography.  Its not only assignments, but you get real critique back from Don himself! Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Now i am sure you are like "thats nice, what in hell does that have to do with the title?" well...

I decided to participate in this fun challenge and decided i would start from the beginning because its not as much fun if you just jump in in the middle! The first assignment is titled "Who are you?" and you must write a vision statement and also obviously take a picture that embodies your vision statement. Don explains what a vision statement is some examples and well off you go.

I have in the past few years lost touch of why i loved taking pictures so much and only recently, since participating in the creativeLIVE  FREE live online classes that you can purchase to forever have after the class is over, (how i learned of Mr. Giannatti btw,) have started to get back in touch with the entire reason i love it so much. I love the beauty found through a lens or created through it. And i love the "behind the scenes" work that goes into each picture during post processing...i find myself and things i never expect through my lens' and love to relive each moment that is captured. SO with that being is my vision statement. 

“I shoot to beautify…(does that make sense?) I shoot to try and find beauty or to create it, finding a bit of myself in each picture, each moment. I take pictures as a way to control time-to never lose a moment. I capture things to keep them...and very possibly...release them in a different way.”

Thanks for the free learning tools Don and creativeLIVE! its truly fantastic. 

This is me. Sexy like stilettos, full of Dreams, soft like the pearls, shiny and complex like the crystals. Imperfect like the cloth and quite moody like the lighting. What's your 'you' picture?