Black Tulle & Beauty | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

A couple of weeks ago i made some tulle skirts, picked a park and called up my friend Tanaya to come play with me, (and she was crazy enough to say yes lol.) We left at 9am and headed to the park. *As a creative, you need to just get out there and do stuff regardless of the end result just to keep your mind open and creative juices flowing!* It may have been chilly but she was totally fine being in a tank and tulle skirt, what a trooper let me tell you!

The entire morning was spent shooting around Medard Park in a quiet area that only had a couple of visitors while we were there. She ran and jumped, laughed, sat and crouched; Not to mention climb up on random things for my crazy ideas and lay on the ground. The images have been so fun playing with. Below you can find my favorite of the entire shoot, follow this link to some more.  Which ones are your favorites? Sound off below, i would love to hear from you!

i found out about an area that i can't wait to go back to with some white tulle and fresh to find a model willing to get dirty and freeze a bit and is agile and doesn't mind climbing.....Any local volunteers?