New Years Eve with The American Idiots

New Years eve was a blast and I have The American Idiots to thank for that this year..or wait last year? well both years technically. it all started with the beach, then stitches and police, but it ended in fun and pictures with some rockin music.  

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Another Year Starts Now

Another year gone, another year begins.  This year has taught me a few things-like the importance of remaining humble. The importance of using my talents to truly help people and put a smile in their hearts as well as their faces. This year has taught me that not every year is going to be a “win” and thats ok-as long as you push harder next year to reach those goals. Goals-have them, aim high-don’t give them up. I have learned that being a creative means my mind will wander-and i will let it because it means discovery. Discovering something new, something old or unexpected and those journeys will only help me be better.

I have learned more about challenging myself and being organized and i learned most importantly, to love myself a little more each day.

Happy New Year-may this next one rock!

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