Fantasy Portraits are an out of this world take on your normal self. Every portrait or portrait series is custom created for the person. Will sit down for an in person consultation and just chat. Each piece is inspired by the person it is created for. It may play on your hopes or fears or desires. The inspiration can come from anything from your hair, or your voice, to a phrase you say or from something you are wearing. Each piece that is made is left to the discretion of the artist, but your input from the consultation and creative meeting will be incorporated. The sky is the limit, so to speak. 

What is the creative meeting? Once you book your creative session, we will set up a lunch meeting to discuss what you see for the image(s) we are going to create, what direction we will go and what your expectations are.  

This creative portrait experience includes 1 session up to 2 hours in length if needed, makeup and hair if needed and a 16x20  canvas for your wall.  Be different, be original, be you.  

The Fine Art Experience begins at $500