The Why


It was a moment like any other-poignant and definitive. The darkness was a hug that was only broken by the dim red bulb that allowed just enough light to be able to see what I was doing. The smell of chemicals and the pressures of perfection, mixed with the excitement and anticipation of what awaits at the end of the water bath, drew me instantly. When I left with my first image from the darkroom that day, that I created from beginning to end, I fell in love with photography. It became apart of me and I would never let it go.

The Who  

Hi There! I'm Jess, your local Tampa Bay Area photographer. I love what I do, how I make people feel with my work and would love to talk with you. Why should you contact me have a chat? Because I am pretty darn fun, and because I want to know you before coming to photograph you. I believe in getting to know the people who are going to be in front of my camera a bit before them actually getting there. I want you to be comfortable and most importantly to have fun. Can't meet for a coffee consult don't worry! We can meet virtually and talk about options and what I can do to tell your story, and give you beautiful images to make your heart sing and walls bling! (Yes I make awesome jokes and puns like that on the regular-I adopted the silly sense of humor from my very funny husband!) You want to know more before emailing, ok, let's see...

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint chocolate chip
  • I am obsessed with Turkey Hill Iced Tea (which you can only get up north)
  • I have 2 kids and will have no more
  • I run a group for local FEMALE photographers to collaborate and grow with each other
  • I believe that love will always win
  • My favorite color is pink (only because black and white aren't actually considered colors)
  • I am a NY Yankees and NY Giants fan
  • I grew up in NJ and NY-which means i have some sort of an accent-especially with words like dog
  • If I could be any superhero I would be superman or wonder woman (because they can fly and kick butt)
  • I live for my children's laughter, making amazing images and really good food
  • I am now in the 30+ age category
  • I like my my Chinese food, Pizza and Bagels from Ny but my Hoagies and PorkRoll from NJ
  • I have 6 sibling
  • is working on my first novel
  • I love the feeling of grass under my feet
  • bacon, roasting garlic and vanilla are the most amazing smells (just not at the same time)
  • I could eat steak every day of my life
  • Wearing socks to sleep means I won't sleep
  • I play MMOs and attend Commiccon every year in costume
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

Now you know a bunch about me, we are basically already best friends. Give me a call or send me an email and lets get you booked for a session or at the very least a consult so I can hear what you have dreamed up for you or your family's photo session and make it happen!  

Always with Love-Jessica Edler